Server access in different regions



We’re based in the UK but I was wondering if Chilli Connect had different servers around the world for different geographical regions or whether it was just based in the same place? For example, if Australian users access the server do they access a more local server?



Hi Tony,

Currently our infrastructure is predominantly located at data centres in Ireland.

With our Enterprise tier we setup a dedicated instance for an account, so as you can imagine this offers the most flexibility. But we’re open to discussing the requirements of each account/game to get the most out of ChilliConnect.



Hi Richard,

Thanks for the information, that’s useful to know. We’re not using a huge amount of data at the moment but it’s good to know there are options available if we needed to.



Agreed, this is useful info.

Just a quick bit info: I’m based in New Zealand and I’m not noticing any real latency issues. The service runs great while developing anyway. :slight_smile: