Player Data Dump Function - GDPR requests



Is there any way to get a data dump of a player from the dashboard? I’m looking and being GDPR compliant and for that a user has a right to request their data. If there was a button on the dash that could dump out all their data into a text file or something, that would be awesome.

For the meantime I can write a support script to do this but it’d be nice if it were a built in feature so that all developers had easy access to it and not require maintenance to keep a data dump script up to date.



Hi Antony,

There is currently no method available for dumping all a Players details out to text file at the moment, unfortunately; we recommend that if you receive any requests from Players regarding personal data that you send that request on to and we will export and send the Player details to you within the timeframe required by GDPR.

We’ll be working on the ability for customers to retrieve this information themselves in the future.