MinimalMatch fields request


It would be nice to know what type of match ‘MatchTypeId’ it is and It would also be nice to be able to include a small string field so we could manually set that when submitting a turn or a match update to help us produce a summary for the match on a match list without having to retrieve the match itself.



Hi Antony

Thanks for the feedback - we are reviewing the Async Multiplayer API this quarter, so I’ve added your request to the backlog. Adding MatchType should be straightforward. For the string field, would it help if we included StateData in the GetPlayerMatches response? You could have a string field contained in there with a small summary of your game specific state.

In general, how are you finding the Async API? I’d definitely be interested to know more about your use case and the type of game you are developing.



Hi Mike,

The API is pretty good. Very straightforward so far. I’m still only early into dev but that being said I’m probably about 1-2 months ahead of where i would have been trying to use another backend.

I’m looking forward to taking advantage of more of the features.

Feel free to fire me an email and i can let you know more about what I’m working on.

Oh and yeah, if StateData was in that response that’d be awesome. I’d probably never need to call GetMatch