Issues with missing include files when compiling on Unreal Engine


I had some issues with compiling the Unreal Engine 4 plugins on engine version 4.24, getting error messages that the Include file delegate.h was missing.

I then edited the include path to match what was specified in the unreal api docs
Which meant changing
#include “Delegate.h”
#include “Delegates/Delegate.h”

I had to do the same for ModuleManager.h and Map.h, changing them to Modules/ModuleManager.h and Containers/Map.h respectively.

After this, the plugin compiled successfully. I’m not sure why this was necessary since I have compiled the plugin before without editing the includes so I can only guess Epic made some changes at some point that made this necessary. I also couldn’t compile on MacOS without these edits, so it was not a Windows specific problem.


Thanks for this Jonas - does look like there has been a change in Unreal. I’ll add this to our backlog - thanks for bringing to our attention.