High Concurrent Collection Updates



What happens when multiple players try to update a collection object without the WriteLock property? How does Chilliconnect handles that situation?


Hi John,

The Object in question would simply be updated with the latest data that was sent up by the users; the WriteLock is in place to enforce an “order of updates” from players.

For example, if you had two or more players currently in a “Match” together and they all updated the same
Collection Object, you would utilize the WriteLock to ensure that players do not update the collection object out-with their “turn”.



Hi Steve

So basically without the writelock the update will fail for one or more players and succeed for only one player. And with the writelock the system creates a queue for every request to update the data in a specific order?
Do I get this right?

But how is it possible to keep the order of updates when every update changes the writelock? Assuming that two requests come with the same writelock, one is suppose to fail since the first update will re-write the value of writelock. What happens then?