Apple Id Authentication?



I’m looking at using Chilli Connect for my new game. Apple will require Apple Id authentication whenever a social authentication options is available in an app (facebook, google, etc). Is ChilliConnect going to support Apple Id Authentication?

If so what’s the timeline?



Hi Antony

Very sorry for such a delayed reply - most of the team had a few weeks off and we’re all getting caught up now we are back in office.

Yes, we definitely have plans to support Apple ID Authentication - it’s currently scheduled for H2 next year.



H2 next year? Do you mean this year? Even the second half of this year is a long time to wait for apple login which is a requirement of apple this year if i want to use any facebook login features…


Sorry Antony, yes, I meant H2 2020, with a chance it could be available for Q2.


Ok, great. Thanks for the info.